Welcome to a school like no other. Welcome to The Winchendon School.

Here, you will find some of the most ground-breaking and engaging programs, based on contemporary brain science and 90 years of working with high school students.

The heart of The Winchendon School experience is rooted in our approach to individualization. Our students are taught as individuals with unique passions, challenges, and strengths.

Personalization is baked into each hour of each individual’s curriculum. Each student has his or her own learning goals, which all of our teachers are expertly trained to support. For every student to shine his or her brightest, we have a team of faculty to coach, encourage, sympathize, challenge, and advise as needed. With all of that extra brain power, we push students to explore their real-world potential through our flagship programs: ColLABs (Collaborative Laboratories), Global Dynamics, and Service Learning.

We learn by doing and always prioritize innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurial thinking over tradition, heritage, or lineage. Our students are tackling contemporary global issues in Global Dynamics one day and solving a local problem in our own region the next. They are working as teams to start businesses, build robots, and understand financial markets. They pursue their own passions in photography, language, anthropology, and music theory, and experience potential careers through a wide range of internships. In short, they fulfill their potential.

Nulla Vestigia Retrorsum (“No Steps Backward”).


John Kerney, Head of School

Extraordinary Support, Extraordinary Adventure


Find your focus. Our team of learning advocates will help you optimize your learning style.


Fulfill your potential. Take advantage of real-world learning opportunities to discover how you can excel.

Group 4

Pursue your passions. With artistic, athletic, academic, service activities, and even international trips and internships.