Welcome to a school like no other. Welcome to The Winchendon School.



Welcome to The Winchendon School in Massachusetts. While our School continues to evolve, the program has not strayed from Lloyd Harvey Hatch’s vision of a school that provided “a Custom Education - with a scholastic program fitted to the needs and aims of each student.”  The School remains small with a student body that ranges between 240-260 and with micro-classes that average 7-8 students.  Our faculty are trained in teaching methodologies and the current brain science, and they serve as role models for the students--individuals devoted to teaching habits, skills, and curriculum, and life long learners who share their knowledge, their dedication to the community, and their passion for continued growth.  

As the Head of School for the MA campus, I feel privileged to be working with such a talented group of teachers and learners.  I am proud of the progress and wisdom that each of our students gains as they spend their time here with us before leaving to head out into the wide world with college in their sights and a bright future in front of them.  Our signature programs include a school-wide Service Learning program, a dedicated focus on feedback and self-reflection, personally relevant and experiential learning experiences both inside and outside of the classroom, and our Character Attributes that weave through all that we do.  Empathy, one of those Great 8 attributes, is our theme for the year.  

It is my hope that this website will give you the background that you need to look further into the unique program at The Winchendon School. Come see the discussions in the classrooms, the student driven service efforts in the community and beyond, the ColLABorative projects that allow students to travel, to stretch, to delve deeply into subjects that interest them, and to demonstrate a love for learning.  Come feel the energy, and see how much we care about each and every student and about developing a better education for all who enter these doors.  We open up the possibilities, always looking to the future.  As The Winchendon School motto states, “Nulla Vestigia Retrorsum” or “No Steps Back.” 


Laurie Lambert, Head of School