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The Winchendon School Welcomes you - photo of sign and campus in background.


The Academic Program at Winchendon is purposefully designed to equip students with the skills, strategies, and habits of mind that propel each to achieve success in college and beyond. By providing each of our students an individualized program determined by his or her strengths, opportunities and interests, Winchendon students become confident, self-motivated learners. As a leader in educational excellence and innovation, we are committed to helping a range of learners reach levels of achievement that reflect their true ability.

At Winchendon, we believe learning should be about applying knowledge, not just absorbing it. Winchendon’s curriculum is diverse and immersive and includes additional coursework through the Hybrid Learning Consortium. Academics at The Winchendon School establish sound study skills and habits, enable a grasp of fundamental and advanced principles of mathematics, and foster English language mastery through the development of reading, writing, and public speaking skills. In addition, we incorporate beyond-the-classroom learning in classes and particularly in ColLABs and seek to develop our students’ character through our school-wide Service Learning program and our Great 8 Character Attributes (CARE). Students become life-long learners as a result of the encouragement they are given to explore new opportunities and delve deeply into subjects that interest them. 

Classes at Winchendon average 7 to 9 students in most courses and this small group size sets the stage for each teacher to know every student well. Research shows that students learn in different ways and possess greatly varied forms of intelligences. Some of the brightest kids, and many of the most successful leaders in our society, simply don’t learn in the way that most schools are still structured to teach. Winchendon teachers are committed to understanding how each of their students learn best, what his or her strengths are, and how to help each student flourish.  Academic excellence and innovation have been a hallmark of a Winchendon School education since 1926.