The Winchendon School is committed to enrolling a diverse student body comprised of students who match the mission of our multicultural boarding school.

What is Flexible Tuition?


We understand your goals and situation to come up with a plan.


Due to high demand, we are able to offer flexibility to students who best fit our mission.


We will work together to create a schedule that best suits you.

What is Flexible Tuition?

The opportunity to attend an independent school is a game changer for our families. Because our 2017-2018 school year tuition is $60,000 for 7-day boarding, $48,500 for 5-day boarding, and $34,500 for day students, we want to understand what your family can afford.

Other independent schools give financial aid.  We work with our families to offer approximately $4 million in flexible tuition dollars that in turn makes a Winch education possible.  These partnerships create the bedrock of trust necessary to engage in the process of educating young adults, and our attitude is different.  Tell us your story, and let’s see what we can accomplish.


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Online System

At The Winchendon School, we are constantly looking for ways to make financial planning for our families as easy and painless as possible. We partner with Tuition Management Systems (TMS) to manage the billing and collection of tuition and other fees. Each family has an account with TMS to view tuition and to make payments online.

Payment plans for tuition are available for non-international families and must be set up with TMS. Most families set up ten monthly payments beginning May 1, 2017 that continue through February 1, 2018.