On the stage, behind the curtain, in an ensemble

Theater & Music Study

The performing arts provide endless benefits to those who participate in and study them; they are, after all, an exploration of the human condition and our relationships with each other. Courage, perseverance, collaboration, and adaptability are a few of our core values at The Winchendon School and these skills are developed through engagement with the full theater experience, both on the stage and behind the curtain, and a wide variety of musical opportunities.

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Musical Theater

Our yearly musical production provides an opportunity for those who love to sing, dance, and act to be involved a rich learning experience and high quality stage production. Because we offer our students the ability to participate in sports and performing arts, many of our varsity athletes also perform in the fall musical.

Recent productions include Legally Blonde, Shrek the Musical and High School Musical.


Drama enthusiasts participate in our spring play production. Like all of our art programs, this yearly production welcomes novices and veterans alike. Last year we presented A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This spring we took on the classic Shakespeare play Romeo and Juliet.

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Stage Tech & Production

Our Stage Tech & Production team bring our stage to life for our performers. Using paint brushes, carpentry tools, and their own vivid imaginations, they create the worlds in which our theater production exists, the settings of our theatrical stories.

The Study of Music

The Winchendon School’s music program incorporates a wide range of instruments and vocal mediums. Our various ensembles accommodate all sorts of musical passions and skill levels. Musical education is a core part of our academic day and extracurricular activities. All of our ensembles perform many times throughout the course of the school year. Private instrumental or vocal lessons (all levels) are available for an additional fee. Please contact fbyrne@winchendon.org for further information.

  1. Instrumental Ensemble Class: Instrumental Ensemble Class offers students an opportunity to play their musical instruments in an ensemble for class credit. The rehearsal process is focused on producing high-level performances that are musically expressive and technically polished. Students will strengthen their instrumental technique, awareness of pitch, tempo, tone, and other pillars of musicianship.
  2. Jazz Band: Jazz Band is an extracurricular activity that provides students with an opportunity to take their musicianship, jazz skills and improvisation techniques to the next level. Working in a small group setting, students become familiar with jazz charts, blues scales, and a variety of harmonic centers.  
  3. Ukulele Club: Ukulele is our latest addition to our family of musical ensembles. A casual and fun opportunity for students to engage with music. This is open to all levels and beginners are most welcome.
  4. Vocal Ensemble Class: Vocal Ensemble Class provides students with an opportunity to participate and perform in a vocal ensemble for class credit. Students prepare and perform a wide range of challenging choral music representing many styles, languages and time periods. Emphasis in rehearsal is placed on the importance of individual contribution. Students will strengthen their vocal technique and enhance their oral and reading skills.
  5. A capella: Our Aca-Piti Singers are our own acapella choir. This is an extracurricular activity and they rehearse in the afternoons. Our acapella choir covers fun arrangements of popular songs from today and decades gone by.