What's Going on at Winch?

Delaney F. ‘17

We went into our internship at Heywood Hospital as dieticians, but we came out as surgeons.


Gerritt C. '17

My favorite memory this year has to be going on the Service Learning Leader trip to Anaheim, California. Personally, it was a trip that allowed me to grow as a student, person, and business professional.  I attended workshops and sessions on service learning techniques at the National Conference, allowing me to practice and develop my presentation skills.

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Check Out Some Highlights from Spring ColLABS

"I believe the single most important part of the program is ColLABs."

-Matt G. '16

Will C. '17

“We aren’t just a faceless school up on a hill, we actually know the people we’re living with.”


The boys take a moment to reflect on conservation strategies in their Ecology & Wilderness Ethics ColLAB.