We are all in this together.

Every teacher knows how to help.

Many independent schools offer an academic skills center or a learning center that students visit when they need extra support or attention. At Winchendon, we take a radically different approach. Every single one of our teachers are trained to differentiate, or adjust, his/her instruction so every individual student thrives in his or her own way.  In turn, our students trust that their teachers know them inside and out, as students and as people. In our opinion - and experience! - this beats a learning skills center model any day.


Evening Study Program

For support beyond differentiated instruction, daily feedback, weekly comments, and consistent faculty conference periods, we offer the Evening Study Program (ESP). ESP is a structured evening study hall that takes place outside of the dorm with veteran teachers working alongside our students to guide them through the demands of homework and long-term planning for class projects.


We provide supports at every turn, for every student. Our Teachers and Advisors can help any time, any place. COME VISIT

Learning Advocacy

Any student with an educational evaluation, IEP, or other special learning considerations has access to a Learning Advocate. The Learning Advocate works with the student, teachers, and parents to provide the methods, accommodations, and support needed to thrive.


College Counseling

Working with your student, we identify top college choices early on to cultivate opportunities to shine. Our goal is to make sure that by the time students apply for college, they can demonstrate unique strengths while overcoming challenges.