Unleash Your True Potential

We are rooted in approaches and subjects that encourage complex thinking, tangible understanding of the world, and advanced study. Tying education to real-world know how is a cornerstone of The Winchendon School education.

In addition to all of the courses taught here on campus by our dynamic teachers, we are partners in the Hybrid Learning Consortium which, "brings together independent schools, teachers and students from around the world with the shared vision to provide best practices of diverse, in-depth and innovative learning." We want our students to be able to access every resource available to them in order to pursue knowledge at all levels, and we are the only school in New England that is part of this unique consortium of schools from around the world.


A world-class, innovative curriculum — custom tailored to you.

Experiential learning is at the forefront of our students’ favorite experiences, including ColLABs, Global Dynamics, and Service Learning.

Our 1:5 ratio of faculty to students creates a vibrant, passionate, and inspired community.

We work collaboratively with students to establish individual learning plans to optimize his or her experience.

Why Students Love The Winchendon School

It all comes down to the people. Our students love our faculty - the coaches that support, the teachers that inspire, and the advisors who genuinely care. Each student has a team of faculty behind him or her, always ready to listen, push, encourage and inspire. The friendships made, lessons learned, and skills acquired at The Winchendon School last a lifetime.

As an exceptional boarding school in Massachusetts, our pride is in the terrific outcomes for our students: athletic scholarships, top college admissions, exciting careers, and a strong moral compass.